The most precise line judge calling system ever. Officially approved. Based on the real bounce, not estimations.

FOXTENN’s revolutionary technology is an evolution of all available systems, which are based on a bounce estimation instead of the real bounce. Thanks to its cutting-edge sensors and devices, the system can provide unprecedented accuracy to the world of judge line calling systems, where precision and reliability mean everything.

Welcome to Reality

Capturing real images of the real ball bounce is the most crucial and relevant characteristic of FOXTENN, which makes it stand out more than all other existing technologies. For the first time ever, a system is basing its calculations on the analysis of ultra-high-speed images of the exact instant in which the ball hits the ground. This is what we call "the moment of truth". Unlike traditional systems that estimate the bounce based on trajectory projections processed by triangulated samples of the ball position taken during its flight, FOXTENN ensures that there is no room for miscalculation.


FOXTENN revolutionizes accuracy by using more than 40 ultra high-speed cameras (2.500 fps), which are capable of generating more than 100.000 images per second. It basically catches everything that happens on the court; anywhere from minute detail to every unthinkable angle.

Precision is also guaranteed by the positions of the cameras at the end of the court lines, at ground level, in order to be able to see exactly how the ball bounces as close as possible. Being able to see the ball from the ground allows the system to notice the actual contact of ball's lower curve and the real contact mark on the surface, which is not possible in the case of an elevated camera like the ones being used in the current traditional systems. Moreover, FOXTENN uses a high-speed laser scanner system in combination with the cameras in order to track each and every movement the player takes and every bounce of the ball within millimeters, which makes the system incredibly accurate, reliable and unique.

A radical evolution in tennis officiating

FOXTENN is the biggest technological breakthrough that has taken place in the last decade: Not just because of the new features it incorporates, but the main drawbacks of the existing systems it has been able to overcome.

The best systems based on estimations have up to 10 HD cameras (150 fps), which implies that they can capture up to 1.500 images per second. With more than 40 ultra high-speed cameras (2.500 fps), FOXTENN can outperform them by almost 100 times with an astonishing more than 100.000 images per second. On top of that, no other system has its cameras synchronized with a set of lasers scanning the court's surface.

Possible estimation issues

Traditional systems place their cameras high and far away from the court, so the ball itself creates a hidden area that makes the precision less accurate. Additionally, this placement not only makes installation difficult and risky but it makes cameras more sensitive to wind vibrations and even to the fans moving in the stands. FOXTENN's cameras and lasers are set up in a very simple way at court level. Consequently, this position allows them to be extremely close to the action and ensures the best possible measurements.

Last but not least, some traditional systems can be affected by sudden changes during the ball's trajectory due to high lobs, hitting the net or deviations caused by the wind. FOXTENN’s technology is immune to this type of error because it is based on the the real bounce.

Officially Approved and 100% Reliable

FOXTENN technology is the first to be officially certified by an ITF, ATP, WTA, and Grand Slam commission in the last ten years. It has taken more than 5 years of tests and development, and more than 1.000.000 bounces analyzed over all types of surfaces (hard, clay, and grass) but, as reflected in the official report, FOXTENN In&Out line judge calling system does not have any systematic errors.

FOXTENN has also proven its value and reliability in top tennis academies as well as in many international tournaments.


Robustness is another key strength of FOXTENN. No player or umpire can affect the precision. Since each ball is registered by up to 5 different sensors (cameras or lasers), the calculation can't be affected at all by typical obstructions that may happen in a game.

Finally, reliability also means that the system cannot be copied. This new, exclusive and global technology has been patented worldwide.

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